What is the suitable natural stone flooring for your home?

As we glimpse around we will find many forms of natural stone flooring. The characteristics of each of the forms vary and so is the beauty of it. Therefore it is to your taste that which forms of natural stone you select. Apart from this, it is the benefits and the cost factor that comes across.

Below mentioned is a list of vital options of natural stones that the natural stone exporting company provides: 

  • Marble is considered as a premium stone used in major places like India, UK, and Middle East etc. Its classic looks make it appealing for both public and private buildings. It is the presence of minerals that give a veined appearance to it. An essential thing that needs to be considered while buying marble is that, the stone being soft is also comparatively simple to be scratched. Thus buy the flooring which can withstand any sort of such damage.
  • Granite is the next most popular flooring stone. This is available in ample full variety. The shades and textures it has made it appealing. Even the chemical properties make it suitable and it is resistant to scratches. The best part is its longevity as if proper care is taken, it sustains quite long.
  • Limestone is suitable for private home flooring. It is available in earthy shades and this gives a really special look. This sedimentary stone can also be utilized in the outdoors. The advantage of buying limestone is the cost factor along with the characteristics. It is available at really affordable prices.
  • Slate, the textures natural stone can be found in various colors. It is one of the low cost natural stones that give a good look to the flooring. Durability makes it a better investment option.

  • Last but not the least; sandstone is yet another form of sedimentary rock. With texture surface, it is available in many shades that attract the eyes. For houses of modern times, sandstone is a very good option.

Along with this if it is the cost factor that is bothering you then you can even consult for a substitute stone. The good natural stone company in India can guide you with a range of natural stone products.

Natural Stone Tips: SRSL International Pvt. Ltd.

How to maintain natural stone floors:

  1. At least once in a day, clean the sand, dirt and similar particles from the floor.
  2. Do not use a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar.
  3. The stone floors are slick. Therefore the furniture on these floorings should be fixed with rubber finish legs.
  4. The things when spilt should be mopped at the instance. There should be no acidic dump on the surface.
  5. In cleaning one should not make use of toxic cleaners.