Popular Limestone Exporters In India

What is limestone?

Limestone comes in the category of the sedimentary rocks which is formed due to the composition of the calcite mineral. They also contain silica in good amount. Along with these minerals, silt, sand and clay are also present in limestone. Calcite can be easily found in the sea organisms.

Types of limestone

There are so many types of limestone that are available at cheap prices. These types are mentioned below.

  1. Kota blue
  2. Jaisalmer yellow
  3. ITA gold
  4. Flowery Gold

These stones are present in the natural form. They can also be polished well so that such limestone can be used in the flooring purposes.

Uses of limestone

Limestone is most commonly used in various different purposes. They are as follows.

  1. Slaked lime and Quick Lime are manufactured with the help of limestone.
  2. Even mortar and cement are formed due to this stone.
  3.  The crushed form of limestone is used in manufacturing the solid base which is eventually used for the roads.
  4. Limestone is also used in the preparation of glass and toothpaste.
  5. It neutralizes the acidic nature of the soil.
  6. Cement is manufactured with its help.

Features of limestone

Some of the characteristics of limestone must be known. They are given below.

1. It has the property to resist the freezing.

2. Acid rain can easily influence the limestone which is one bad characteristic of limestone.

3.  During cleaning the stone, some alkaline solution must be prepared and should be used well on them. This helps in stopping the erosion of limestone. This will make the life of the stone long.

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