Importance of Sandstone and its exporters.

The manufacturers of Natural stones manage the business in total three stages. In the very first stage, the stones are quarried, the second one includes the processing part and the third one will contain the marketing of the stones.Sandstone is popular among many natural stones for the variety of reasons. There are so many Sandstone exporters in the world who are making huge money through it. The beautiful landscape walls made up of Sandstone presents an attractive view to the audience. The Sandstones are attractive and also durable.


Sandstone is a sedimentary rock which consists of sand, quartz and clay. It is known as arenite. It a sturdy stone and is very much sensitive to the materials like salts, acids and mineral deposits.

Features of Sandstone

  1. Sandstones are fireproof.
  2.  It is also durable that provides life to the landscape walls against weathering and damaging of the stones.
  3. These walls are very strong whose absorption rate is very low.
  4. Sandstone is grained in a fine way and is very much compact.
  5.  It is not slippery and do not stick.

It is important to know that by sealing the sandstone, it becomes protected from several different hazards. The minerals which are present in air damages the natural beauty of the stones. Therefore, sealing is necessary. A sandstone sealer must be used which should be of high quality. The building material of different structures can be chosen well which can contain solid slabs, bricks, tiles or blocks. These materials are not treated or painted.

The different colored Sandstone

Sandstone can be in different colors. Such as:

  1. Black
  2. Pink
  3. red
  4.  pink
  5. Brown
  6. Yellow

They are present in so many patterns and in various attractive shades. SRSL international is one reputed enterprise which is engaged in exporting the different natural stones. Located in Jaipur, there are so many natural stones that are being exported like granite, sandstone, limestone, marble, slate, quartzite and many more. There are so many places and continents where the services are provided like Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. The professionals will give you every small detail regarding the use of the stones and the stones which are best for various construction purposes. So, in case you have any doubt regarding the stones, then you can get it cleared from them.