Different types of landscaping with the help of natural stone

Natural stone can bring out the best features of your landscape in great manner. But the real confusion starts with the selection of the right stone for any the natural stone project work. It is true that you can do anything you want with the stones however it is definitely required a creative and knowledgeable eye for assistance in planning the perfect designing of landscape.

While beginning with a general idea about what you want to include in the yard, you can also start imagining about the stone style or any other feature of the stone. There are various methods of using stones in the landscaping therefore the ideal way of doing the things is to learn more about the characteristics of a few of the most popular stones for landscaping which are available and then utilizing this knowledge for taking any decision. These are some of the options which you can consider in making selections:

Limestone: This type of stone does not absorb a greater amount of water and generally used for building walls. Some of the most preferred colors in Limestone are grey, black, white and tan.

Sandstone: It is one of the most cost effective natural stones.  This stone is available in wide color range varying from tan to pink. Generally, it is used to build walls.

Granite: It is one of the strongest stones which is available in the market. Available in pink or red shades, it can also be obtained other colors but it is not easy to find sandstone in other colors.  The stone’s grain is medium or fine. Generally this stone is used for the purpose of building walls or as a stepping stone.

Slate: Common choices for slate are black, red and green. The main characteristic of this stone is that it is less resistant to water. In case you are thinking about developing a deck space or water feature around a pool then slate is the ideal option for you.

Marble: It is a natural stone supplier in India which has earned great reputation because of its beauty. The stone is available in various colors like brown, white, black, pink and yellow. It has quite fine grains. The main characteristic of the stone is its elegance. A lot of water is absorbed by it and thus can be utilized for providing water effects. Mainly because of its elegant effect, it is a great choice for a natural stone project work.

Apart from the selection of the different type of natural stones, you are required to choose the style also. In the landscaping part, all types of natural, non tumbled and tumbled stones can be used. So depending on your choice you can select the desired stone.