Where to find the best quality Kadappa black stone?

There are many Kadappa Black Suppliers in India, France, USA and China. It is also known as kadappa black limestone. It is the ideal stone that you may use to decorate your home interior as well as exterior. These may be available to the clients in the customized form as per their desires so that it may attract by many eyes.

Features of Kadappa Black

Kadappa black stone has many features that you should know before purchasing it. Some of its major characteristics are mentioned below:

  • It has fine finish.
  • It may be available with the perfect dimension also.
  • You may clean it easily.
  • It has very smooth texture.
  • You can also maintain it without any problem in a perfect way.

Applications of Kadappa Black

Kadappa black stone can be used for many applications at home and also at work place. Some of its applications are mentioned below:

  • Roofing
  • Flooring
  • Kitchen Slabs
  • Counter Tops
  • Garden Tables and Chairs
  • Wall Cladding
  • Garden Landscape etc.

It has the best quality that it has the with-hold capacity in any climatic conditions. That’s why it can be used to decorate your garden without worrying about its shine.

It may be available in many finishes as per the requirements like:

  • Honed
  • Calibrated
  • Polished

Kadappa black stone is very much in demand because the people are getting attracted towards its shine and features. It is a sedimentary rock that is quite hard. It also comes in wide varieties of colors. You may purchase it in as per your choice like in any shape and size as it can be cut into any shape easily. You may use it for the garden flooring also as it is non-slippery stone.

If you also want best quality kadappa black then you may place your order at SRSL International Pvt. Ltd. This is a leading industry that has the capacity to avail this in-demand stone in maximum quantity of about 10-20 containers in 30 days at your place. So, hurry up and place your order soon!

Importance of Sandstone and its exporters.

The manufacturers of Natural stones manage the business in total three stages. In the very first stage, the stones are quarried, the second one includes the processing part and the third one will contain the marketing of the stones.Sandstone is popular among many natural stones for the variety of reasons. There are so many Sandstone exporters in the world who are making huge money through it. The beautiful landscape walls made up of Sandstone presents an attractive view to the audience. The Sandstones are attractive and also durable.


Sandstone is a sedimentary rock which consists of sand, quartz and clay. It is known as arenite. It a sturdy stone and is very much sensitive to the materials like salts, acids and mineral deposits.

Features of Sandstone

  1. Sandstones are fireproof.
  2.  It is also durable that provides life to the landscape walls against weathering and damaging of the stones.
  3. These walls are very strong whose absorption rate is very low.
  4. Sandstone is grained in a fine way and is very much compact.
  5.  It is not slippery and do not stick.

It is important to know that by sealing the sandstone, it becomes protected from several different hazards. The minerals which are present in air damages the natural beauty of the stones. Therefore, sealing is necessary. A sandstone sealer must be used which should be of high quality. The building material of different structures can be chosen well which can contain solid slabs, bricks, tiles or blocks. These materials are not treated or painted.

The different colored Sandstone

Sandstone can be in different colors. Such as:

  1. Black
  2. Pink
  3. red
  4.  pink
  5. Brown
  6. Yellow

They are present in so many patterns and in various attractive shades. SRSL international is one reputed enterprise which is engaged in exporting the different natural stones. Located in Jaipur, there are so many natural stones that are being exported like granite, sandstone, limestone, marble, slate, quartzite and many more. There are so many places and continents where the services are provided like Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. The professionals will give you every small detail regarding the use of the stones and the stones which are best for various construction purposes. So, in case you have any doubt regarding the stones, then you can get it cleared from them.

Popular Limestone Exporters In India

What is limestone?

Limestone comes in the category of the sedimentary rocks which is formed due to the composition of the calcite mineral. They also contain silica in good amount. Along with these minerals, silt, sand and clay are also present in limestone. Calcite can be easily found in the sea organisms.

Types of limestone

There are so many types of limestone that are available at cheap prices. These types are mentioned below.

  1. Kota blue
  2. Jaisalmer yellow
  3. ITA gold
  4. Flowery Gold

These stones are present in the natural form. They can also be polished well so that such limestone can be used in the flooring purposes.

Uses of limestone

Limestone is most commonly used in various different purposes. They are as follows.

  1. Slaked lime and Quick Lime are manufactured with the help of limestone.
  2. Even mortar and cement are formed due to this stone.
  3.  The crushed form of limestone is used in manufacturing the solid base which is eventually used for the roads.
  4. Limestone is also used in the preparation of glass and toothpaste.
  5. It neutralizes the acidic nature of the soil.
  6. Cement is manufactured with its help.

Features of limestone

Some of the characteristics of limestone must be known. They are given below.

1. It has the property to resist the freezing.

2. Acid rain can easily influence the limestone which is one bad characteristic of limestone.

3.  During cleaning the stone, some alkaline solution must be prepared and should be used well on them. This helps in stopping the erosion of limestone. This will make the life of the stone long.

These stones are easily exported to the town of India. For instance Pune, Bangaluru, Ahmadabad and Chandigarh.  SRSL International Pvt. Limited provides such facilities of exporting the stones to these cities. It deals with the quality stones whose description is given above. Along with these stones, they export several other stones too like granite, sandstone and many more. The customer satisfaction is kept in mind here. They will also assist you with the type of stone you can use for the different purposes. Quality of stones is maintained by the professionals of SRSL International at affordable prices. For more information you can visit the website: www.srslinternational.com.

Where to get a reputable sandstone supplier in India?

To get the good looking flooring, pools and driveways of your home the stunning sandstone and other natural stones is required. The best quality sandstone can be available from the best and cheap sandstone suppliers in Pune. Your home interior and exterior projects should be completed in such a way that even after a long time there would be no requirement of repairs. The highly trustworthy and popular sandstone supplier will only provide you the good makeover of your home without any replacement or repairs. You can achieve this through various means but it will take some time to get the right one.

You will have to make a search for the affordable sandstone supplier in India who supplies the superior quality sandstone in your area and nearby places. Then check their websites so that you may get an idea about the suppliers if they can supply you the exact one that you want. You may also see the reviews and testimonials of their past customers that will help you to get the better option. If you find any complaints about their products then you may switch to another one.

You may follow some tips as mentioned below to be sure about your search for a sandstone supplier.

Tips to be followed:

  • Wide Range should be available: The sandstone comes in many types like Dholpur Beige, Agra Red and Kandla Grey. So, you should ask the supplier if they are able to provide you all the possible types of sandstone. This is how you may fulfill your customers need for sandstone. These all are natural and will be available to you in that way only.
  • Competitive Price should be noticed: If the price of the sandstone is not available on the website of the supplier then you may visit to the showroom area or make a call to know about it. Then you will be required to compare the costs of all the suppliers that you have listed. If you find one or two with expensive cost than the others then you may avoid them as they are charging more than that the market price.
  • Guaranteed Products: Be sure about the guarantee that the sandstone supplier in Chandigarh will be providing you for their products. They should also replace the damaged pieces of stone within the time period. If they refuse to do so, then you may leave them.

You may go through the above tips so that you may get quality sandstone from the reputable supplier. To improve the appearance of your home you should be sure about the stone and the products that you buy from the sandstone suppliers.

To get the cheap, affordable and quality sandstone in Ahmedabad or Bangaluru from the renowned suppliers, you may contact SRSL International Pvt. Ltd. You may also visit its official website for more details.

Know about the fine stones for your Natural stone project.

While designing your home or office with the natural stones, you have to take care of various issues. For instance, the type of the stone you want, the color that should perfectly match your interior, the different edge styles and many more. Good quality stones make the entire structure graceful and appealing.

A precious gift to human-Natural stones

For the Natural stone project work, you must want natural stones for your walkways and other landscapes. However, if you use the stone then it is not always necessary that the structure will be beautiful. Many considerations should be made regarding choosing the right stone.

Make the best selection

Choose that stone which should blend well with the surroundings. For example if your house is made up of brick, then Bluestone will go well with it. Their contrast will be beautiful and interesting for your Natural Stone project work. Do not use bricks instead.

In case you are using more than one stone

There are many kinds of stones available just like sandstone, granite, limestone, landscaping stones and many more. The combination of the stones should be done perfectly for your Natural Stone project work. If one of the stone is bright, take some light colored stone with it. For example if Bluestone is taken then the other one should be bluish gray in color or a mix of grey, blue or tans. Beautiful colors should be matched, similar colors should be taken or one nice color can even do well.

We provide you with the best stones of high quality. For further knowledge, visit the website: srslinternational.com or you can also mail us at info@srslinternational.com. We have a huge variety of stone like granite, sandstone, limestone, marble and others. Our experts will help you in making a good choice for the stones you want for your home, office, interiors or exteriors.

A Professional Natural Stone Company for Exclusive Project Work

As we all know the stone work is one of the most minute and accuracy demanding work. However when dealing with the laborers, is it possible to get quality. If you are on a launch of a project of hotel, resort, architectural application, Villa, Palace, Mansion or any other form of exquisite building then you would definitely want a professional natural stone company that would have handled exclusive project work.

Here we shall discuss some steps about how you can hire a professional natural stone company.

  • Prepare a checklist: Make a list of the specifications that you want the building you are designing should have. It should include everything.
  • Make a list of natural stone suppliers: Search the top natural stone suppliers on Internet and see how they can support you with quality and affordability.
  • Inspect the completed project work and Portfolio: Generally hiring a professional natural stone company who has done sufficient number of projects is better.  You can overview the project work already done.
  • Send an inquiry: Place your inquiry and see the response. It is here advised that don’t just go on cost factor. Also see the reliability and goodwill of the company. This is the essential ground as otherwise you might turn out loses.
  • Selection and explanation: Among the list, select the most desired professional natural stone company and explain your entire project.
On completing the project some other important thins that you must confirm are turn around time, payment options, finishing, quality inspection, packaging and shipping if required and completion of project.

This way hiring a professional natural stone company shall solve your purpose with quality.


Few Natural stone projects by a professional natural stone company- SRSL International Pvt.

Natural Stone Project in Africa: A luxury hotel in Kenya, Bermuda 7 Star Resort, A Celebrity Villa in New Zealand

Natural Stone Project in Asia: An Aristocratic Palace in Kuwait, A Biotech Lab in U.A.E, An Elite Mansion in U.A.E., A Government Building in U.A.E.


Different types of landscaping with the help of natural stone

Natural stone can bring out the best features of your landscape in great manner. But the real confusion starts with the selection of the right stone for any the natural stone project work. It is true that you can do anything you want with the stones however it is definitely required a creative and knowledgeable eye for assistance in planning the perfect designing of landscape.

While beginning with a general idea about what you want to include in the yard, you can also start imagining about the stone style or any other feature of the stone. There are various methods of using stones in the landscaping therefore the ideal way of doing the things is to learn more about the characteristics of a few of the most popular stones for landscaping which are available and then utilizing this knowledge for taking any decision. These are some of the options which you can consider in making selections:

Limestone: This type of stone does not absorb a greater amount of water and generally used for building walls. Some of the most preferred colors in Limestone are grey, black, white and tan.

Sandstone: It is one of the most cost effective natural stones.  This stone is available in wide color range varying from tan to pink. Generally, it is used to build walls.

Granite: It is one of the strongest stones which is available in the market. Available in pink or red shades, it can also be obtained other colors but it is not easy to find sandstone in other colors.  The stone’s grain is medium or fine. Generally this stone is used for the purpose of building walls or as a stepping stone.

Slate: Common choices for slate are black, red and green. The main characteristic of this stone is that it is less resistant to water. In case you are thinking about developing a deck space or water feature around a pool then slate is the ideal option for you.

Marble: It is a natural stone supplier in India which has earned great reputation because of its beauty. The stone is available in various colors like brown, white, black, pink and yellow. It has quite fine grains. The main characteristic of the stone is its elegance. A lot of water is absorbed by it and thus can be utilized for providing water effects. Mainly because of its elegant effect, it is a great choice for a natural stone project work.

Apart from the selection of the different type of natural stones, you are required to choose the style also. In the landscaping part, all types of natural, non tumbled and tumbled stones can be used. So depending on your choice you can select the desired stone.

What is the suitable natural stone flooring for your home?

As we glimpse around we will find many forms of natural stone flooring. The characteristics of each of the forms vary and so is the beauty of it. Therefore it is to your taste that which forms of natural stone you select. Apart from this, it is the benefits and the cost factor that comes across.

Below mentioned is a list of vital options of natural stones that the natural stone exporting company provides: 

  • Marble is considered as a premium stone used in major places like India, UK, and Middle East etc. Its classic looks make it appealing for both public and private buildings. It is the presence of minerals that give a veined appearance to it. An essential thing that needs to be considered while buying marble is that, the stone being soft is also comparatively simple to be scratched. Thus buy the flooring which can withstand any sort of such damage.
  • Granite is the next most popular flooring stone. This is available in ample full variety. The shades and textures it has made it appealing. Even the chemical properties make it suitable and it is resistant to scratches. The best part is its longevity as if proper care is taken, it sustains quite long.
  • Limestone is suitable for private home flooring. It is available in earthy shades and this gives a really special look. This sedimentary stone can also be utilized in the outdoors. The advantage of buying limestone is the cost factor along with the characteristics. It is available at really affordable prices.
  • Slate, the textures natural stone can be found in various colors. It is one of the low cost natural stones that give a good look to the flooring. Durability makes it a better investment option.

  • Last but not the least; sandstone is yet another form of sedimentary rock. With texture surface, it is available in many shades that attract the eyes. For houses of modern times, sandstone is a very good option.

Along with this if it is the cost factor that is bothering you then you can even consult for a substitute stone. The good natural stone company in India can guide you with a range of natural stone products.

Natural Stone Tips: SRSL International Pvt. Ltd.

How to maintain natural stone floors:

  1. At least once in a day, clean the sand, dirt and similar particles from the floor.
  2. Do not use a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar.
  3. The stone floors are slick. Therefore the furniture on these floorings should be fixed with rubber finish legs.
  4. The things when spilt should be mopped at the instance. There should be no acidic dump on the surface.
  5. In cleaning one should not make use of toxic cleaners. 

Characteristics of Sandstone explained by reliable natural stone supplier

An Elegant Beauty Of Sandstone

As we all know that natural stones come in various forms and sandstone is one of them. It is a rich stone in the category and therefore the supply of sandstone from India is quite a lot. The stone includes quartz and many other minerals.

Considering the popularity of sandstone supplier in India, we shall here discuss some facts about sandstone. It is true that this stone shows rising mechanical strength. This is very much resistant to chemicals and has the ability for lesser water absorption, corrosion and weather conditions. Its next property that is easy binding with cement makes it even more compatible.

In India, we will find that there are end number of Sandstone supplier and have rich knowledge about the product.

Field for Sandstone

  • Resistance to the saline air. This makes them suitable for all sorts of exterior cladding in persistence to sea-shore buildings.
  • The use of sandstone is in the chemical industry. Here it is used in wall covering, flooring etc.
  • To be used as in fireplaces, it even has resistance towards corrosive chemicals.

Sandstone Applications

There are many uses of sandstones. The main segments of the usage of the product are:

  • Roofing
  • Paving
  • Making beams
  • Flooring
  • Doors
  • Pillars

Sandstone is considered as a fabulous product for the purpose of flooring. The stone that has immense strength be used for this purpose. Even the variety in terms of patterns and colors makes it superior.

Sandstone in walling

Since last few years, it has been seen that sandstone in India is being used traditionally. In past too, certain monuments like Rashtrapati Bhawan, Red fort, Hawa Mahal etc were formed with this stone. The magnificent beauty of these historical monuments of India depicts the beauty of sandstone. The long lasting durable factor also plays a major role here. The purity and serenity of the walls can be seen with sandstones.

Sandstone in paving

For the paving purposes, sandstone in India is considered as the best option as it gives strength and develops a bonded composition. Therefore the use of this stone is also encircled in slabs, tiles, blocks etc. The various sandstones shades can give you a beautiful pattern.


Sandstone in fireplace

The thermal resistant quality of sandstone makes them ideal material in context to building fireplaces. Even the rugged and natural appearance offers a unique look to the fireplace. If we look upon from the designing perspective we will find that yellow and red shades gives an appealing look when blended with the fire waves.

The sandstone exporters in India offer a wide collection that can be purchased at a really nominal value. So with this hope you were able to know some facts about this natural stone. For more information contact a reliable natural stone supplier from India.

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Natural stone suppliers in India to add beauty to your house

Natural Stone project by SRSL International in UK

It is an undeniable fact that natural stones have the capability to add definition and character to the indoor as well as outdoor area. The main reason behind its increasing popularity in landscaping is because of the fact that it offers great looks to your house. You can use natural stones to decorate almost anything like the fireplace, garden bed, the front of your house, pathway, etc.

India, known for producing some of the most beautiful natural stones is blessed with natural stone suppliers who know what it takes to add beauty to these stones. There are a number of Indian natural stone suppliers who offer astonishing stones which are available in a very wide range from traditional to the most latest ones so as to please home owners. These suppliers own very high own very high quality sandstone, granite, limestone, quartzite, marble, etc. which are available in great textures, beautiful colors and finishes that are simply second to none. All these elements are sure to make your home a wonderful place to live.

Since sandstone brings durability, elegance and beauty to your place, so many people are taking their use to beautify their home. There are many people who take help of the Internet to find out stone bases wholesaler and prefer to go for a good choice of stones for decorating their houses. A good business can be seen by these natural stone exporters in India who export a very wide range of stones to a number of countries world wide. A countless range of stone sculptures and stones are in great demand outside India also.

Everyone who wishes to construct a beautiful house can add great look and style to his house by decorating the floors, walls and the roofs. A good choice is available for the people to ask for different kinds of natural stones from the natural stones suppliers in India including sandstone, limestone, marble, slate stone and quartzite etc.

Since we all are aware of the fact that the natural stone has versatile uses and is available in a huge variety of textures, finishes, colors, etc. Therefore, landscaping taking in use of these stones adds beauty of the walkways and other similar areas. The main behind behind the stone landscaping popularity is due to the fact that the stones just match the look of most of the houses.

The demand for stones tiles is also increasing and it is because of their diversity and quality. They definitely help in increasing the overall look and feel of the house. It is going to be a tedious task to hand-pick every single item for getting your house constructed.

Therefore, as a suggestion you should go for taking help of the internet to find out the best natural stone supplier in India. There are a number of directories available as well that can help you select the right stone exporter to supplier stones as per your requirement and budget. You can go through the websites of the natural stone suppliers in India and browse their projects section to see how good they are in natural stones project works. Later on, you can contact a reliable exporter and order stones as per your requirement.